Ecofest Barrie

On September 27, 2013 Barrie’s greenest event, Ecofest Barrie 2013,  celebrated its 4th year of collaborating with the citizens, businesses, organizations and artists of Barrie and Area in creating an event which celebrates our green achievements and provides tangible solutions and options for sustainable lifestyle choices.

Thousands came out to enjoy a beautiful weekend of local food, great local bands, informative workshops and a chance to browse though the marketplace which showcased green products and services from local businesses.

Festival Highlights

New to the festival was the Ecofest Market Café Pavilion, a café style eatery where festival visitors can sample local cuisine and refreshments from various local restaurants, chefs and food vendors.

Island Dance Studio Dancers, performed an inspiring piece called The Dump, music by Michael Jackson.  The plastic represented in the performance is that of all the plastic used by a small community over one month and takes you on a journey to the Great pacific Garbage Patch also called the Trash Vortex where some garbage islands are as large as Texas.

The stage was filled with amazingly talented musicians including: Please and Thanks (Kids Hip Hop), Hey Amy, Authentic Imperfections, Triplets of Dublin and local Tori Hathaway.

Presenters such as Free The Children came out to talk about world water issues, and what we as a community can do together to preserve our own water.

The Ecofest Solutions Market Place Pavilion will featured businesses and organizations that are offering solutions showing how our visitor can become more self sufficient, learn how to use less waste, conserve and protect water, grow and support local organic farms and alternative transportation measures.

Visitors also took in a workshop or two featuring local businesses such as:

EthoSolar who will be showing our visitors why they should put solar panels on their roofs, how they work, and what micorFIT means for homeowners.

Wild Birds Ulimited who will teach us how to Garden for the birds.

Rawlicious who will show us how to make dairy-free nut milk alternatives

Kids were entertained by live encounter with Reptiles at Risk and Ethosolar‘s Environmental Show with Barry O’.




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